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Boo Boo's BoneYard is not fostering any adoptable dogs at this time. Please visit Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) for more information.


While we work hard boarding, training, and grooming our clients’ pups, we also make sure other dogs get good homes, just like Brady (aka Boo Boo) did. Our pride and joy is ensuring that all dogs have a family to call their own. Because of this, we work with local non-profit rescue organizations to help find homes for dogs who need them. If you are interested in fostering a dog, please ask us for more details. 


Boo Boo's BoneYard enjoys giving back to local foster organizations and animal rescues, but help from the community is needed so dogs can be rehabilitated, which helps them find their forever homes. Donations help support Boo Boo's rescue training programs. We work hard to rehabilitate shelter dogs to ensure they are on their best behavior in their new home. Once our foster and rescue friends are connected with their new owner(s), we encourage ongoing training to ensure these dogs don't forget to mind their manners. Your continued support is appreciated. 

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