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Boo Boo's BoneYard has been a lifesaver. I always dreaded boarding my dogs because traditional facilities always kept them in their kennels all day and they were excluded from group play. My dogs stressed out the entire time and hated going.

Finding the BoneYard changed everything. They are included in activities, they spend the day playing, running and learning how to socialize with other dogs. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw them playing with all the other dogs. I never thought it was possible. The people who operate Boo Boo's BoneYard are incredibly knowledgable and how how to handle any behavioral issue.

My dogs get so excited when they know it's time to go to the BoneYard and don't even want to leave when I pick them up. I find now that I bring them even when I don't have to because it's so good for them. Their manners at home have even improved as a result. I will never go back to a big commercial facility again. Sending your dog to Boo Boo's BoneYard is like having your dog stay with a trusted friend. 

- Erin -

Sampson is a four year old German Shepard who loves people and children of all ages. He is however antisocial with other dogs and had a high anxiety level. I had taken him to other trainers who were unsuccessful in resolving his issues. My son who had used Sabrina, owner of Boo Boo's BoneYard, for training and boarding strongly suggested that I contact Sabrina for help. This was one of smartest things I could have done for Sampson.

Sabrina began by assessing my dog to determine if he could be effectively trained. Upon determining that Sampson was a viable candidate she developed a training program for him. Four or five weeks later he was running with the pack and boy anxiety levels were greatly reduced. During this process while I could not see Sampson I could observe him via Boo Boo's internet video system and Sabrina kept me current by text.

During this entire process Sabrina was a professional a candid teacher. With Sabrina there is absolutely no doubt that her dogs are loved and they come first. As an owner I received both candid positive and negative constructive feed back on appropriate behavior to benefit both myself and my dog. I would recommend Sabrina’s services to any dog lover. 

- Beau -

Terri & Kristina -

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