Welcome to Boo Boo's BoneYard!

"Pack life is simple in the BoneYard."

Services at the BoneYard


Doggy Daycare

A wonderful way to socialize your dog while also providing exercise both mentally and physically.


An overnight stay with extra TLC for your dog while you are away. This includes the benefits of daytime play.

Pack Training

A great way for your dog to learn/develop proper manners and socializing skills more quickly. Having a healthy balanced pack to learn from is the best environment for a dog to discover happy, healthy living.

Behavioral/Obedience Training

From the basics of sit, stay, come to the more extensive rehabilitation cases such as aggression, possessiveness, territorial or other undesirable behaviors.


Done with all natural products. You can pamper your pooch to a bath/blow-dry, nail-trim, basic ear cleaning and freshly brushed teeth.