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Services at the BoneYard

Doggy Daycare

A great way to socialize your pup, drain some energy and avoid undesirable behaviors as a result of being bored. Doggy daycare provides exercise both mentally and physically.

We do not discriminate against any particular breed of dog. 

Dogs living with disabilities are also welcome to visit the BoneYard if they are able to safely hang out in this environment. 


An overnight stay with personalized care for your dog while you are away. Boarding includes the benefits of daycare playtime.

We encourage owners to bring their dog's food along with their favorite bed, toy, blanket and/or treats (especially if they have allergies or sensitive stomachs) while they stay with us. Clean and sanitized food and water bowls are provided. 

We will administer medication and/or supplements for your dog(s) during their stay. Specific instructions are required. 

Larger kennel space is provided for larger breeds and family dogs. 

We are home almost 24/7. When we are not, we have a security system in place to monitor the dogs and protocols in place while we're away for short periods of time. 

Pack Training

The Boo Boo's BoneYard environment is fun, but it's not a free-for-all. We expect your pup's to abide by our rules and display proper manners while socializing. On occasion, dogs that visit us will need extra attention and direction as they learn and develop their social skills. 

A note about muzzle use:

On occasion, dogs visiting may be seen wearing a muzzle. This is one of the most misunderstood but most important tools in dog training.

• They help us maximize a dog's comfort during training without having to worry about an accident.

• They increase safety when introducing an aggressive or reactive dog into a social situation.

• They can help protect us when approaching or working with a dog that needs space.

• They are helpful if a dog is recovering from an injury. Many dogs will bite when they are in pain or scared.

• They eat rocks, socks, or other non-food items that can be toxic or cause expensive and life-threatening surgeries.

For more information, check out the The Muzzle Up! Project. 

In-Home Training

We cover everything from the basics of sit, stay, come to the more challenging behavioral issues such as anxiety, aggression, possessive or territorial behaviors, fear, insecurity, and excitability. 

Please contact Sabrina Terenzi at or text her at (586) 944-9230 to discuss your training needs and to schedule an appointment.  

Basic Grooming

Spa day options for our clients include a bath, a nail trim, and/or teeth brushing. 

We use all-natural grooming products. We prefer TropiClean. Their products smell amazing. We also offer hypoallergenic shampoo with oatmeal and tea tree oil to soothe sensitive skin. Owners are welcome to bring their own products for us to bathe with.


 * Inquire about multiple dog rates. 


Full day                              $22

Half day (less than 5 hours)  $13


5 days                               $99

10 days                             $198


Per night                            $35   



5 nights                             $158

10 nights                           $315 


Bath                                  $20

Nail Trim                            $10

Teeth Brushing                     $5  



In-Home                            $65+

Pack                                  $15+

The price for In-Home training varies based on the type of training required and the distance traveled to train. The severity of the issues being addressed during Pack training and the amount of extra attention a dog requires while visiting is considered. 

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